Save Tropical House

Raising awareness of an important issue through gamification

Saving the rainforest is essential for achieving both the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement. Norway is the world’s largest contributor, per capita, to this cause. Still, very few young Norwegians know this and even fewer mention the rainforest as an important climate initiative. Knowledge is crucial to achieve these important climate goals.

With tropical rainforests being so far away, we turned to what young people in Norway care about; music. One of Norway’s biggest music exports is in fact Tropical House – thanks to DJ’s such as Kygo and Matoma. So we asked; what would happen to tropical house, if the tropical rainforest disappeared? With the use of renowned comedians, catchy music, influencers, videos and a highly innovative gaming experience, the campaign was not only informative and engaging, but also locally anchored, bringing the issue close to home.

We created R.E.D.D.. A Tropical House DJ-duo terrified that deforestation would kill their livelihood; tropical house. To save it, they challenged young Norwegians to become their featuring DJ and finish the song they couldn’t. Through social media and various influencers, we invited them into a unique gaming experience.

By answering questions about the rainforest, they could unlock tropical sounds to use in their own song. After three weeks, a jury chose the winner, and the chosen song was released on several music and video platforms.


people in the target group visited the campaign site and learned about the rainforest whilst mixing their own song


streams of the winning entry, climbing to fourth place on Spotify’s Norwegian Viral Top 50-list


increase in the number of young Norwegians who mention saving the rainforest as an important initiative

Sector: Government + Public Sector
Specialist expertise: Better Impact™, The Studio, Content + Publishing Strategy
Office: Oslo, Stavanger