Home of Innovation

Building proof of concept to promote growth

H+K worked with SABIC to create the Home of Innovation, a world class visitor experience.

We were invited to develop a growth initiative for SABIC. The aim was to create a focal point that would generate opportunities to build the future of the region, through showcasing best practices in sustainable building.

We named the initiative The Home of Innovation, creating a supporting brand, guidelines, film and website. But we weren’t just building a brand. The project called for physical proof of the concept, a place where SABIC could bring the idea to life for its potential partners.

Working with an architectural consultancy, SABIC built a real Home of Innovation. Our involvement was from macro to micro – we created the complete visitor journey through the center, considering every touchpoint along the way, from motion graphics to film right down to technical data sheets

Brand identity, designed for motion graphics and digital content

Technical content creation

The demonstration zone, concept and reality

The completed center

Specialist expertise: The Studio
Office: Dubai