Not a single other communication advisory agency was more involved in M&A transactions in the last years than Hill+Knowlton Strategies.

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Delta Lloyd - the right direction within a day

The next decade will be dominated by companies and organisations that are prepared to restructure their digital communications.
Delta Lloyd - the right direction within a day
This decision may be driven by factors such as the need to manage reputational risks and achieve cost reductions, or simply by the understanding that digital and social media must become the standard tools of all communications people (rather than being the domain of a few digital experts in the organisation). Companies want digital communications with business impact!

Hill+Knowlton runs practical workshops on digital media strategy funnels to help companies set a new course and formulate a new impactful strategy. During a one or two-day workshop attended by all of the stakeholders within the organisation we cover the past, present and future of digital communications. We identify a new point on the horizon and work out a practical way of getting there. Delta Lloyd is one of the companies we have assisted in this way. The financial services provider wanted to accelerate its social communications.

Maikel Egging, responsible for webcare and social communications at Delta Lloyd, attended a workshop together with 15 other managers responsible for social communications: “There was a wonderful sense of collaboration. I thought our session was very instructive, but, more importantly, it was also very decisive and effective. We pinpointed the right direction within a day. Hill+Knowlton Strategies gave us a clear understanding of how it works in our sector and our organisation.”